Responsible Tourism

The Drift House approach to responsible tourism is the result of own personal passion for, and commitment to the environment and community within which we live. It was not devised as a marketing strategy or something we were forced to do due to legislative requirements. We do all the things we do because we want to and we believe that they are the right things to do.

We take all practical steps to monitor and save water and energy, and reduce waste, and we have adopted a philosophy of source and buy locally throughout set-up and into our day to day operations. We like to support small business as this is critical to the economic survival of small rural communities such as ours.

By the time a Drift House guest checks-out they will have made the following sustainability contributions without having to really think about it:

• Used zero paper in communication or booking with us
• Used up to 377 litres less water per couple per day
• Used up to 25% less energy than they would have at home
• Eaten organic or chemical free breakfasts and consumed less “food miles”
• Leached fewer harmful chemicals into the water cycle
• Used their car less; we find that most guests walk or cycle after they arrive
• Contributed to the local economy and supported a local charity
• Through all of the above, improved their own physical and mental health!