Drift House

At Drift House we think Luxury is not about brand names, star ratings or dollars. It is an outcome of how we feel; a certain state of mind, an individual experience. We think it can be tactile, spiritual or emotional and sometimes all three, but is always influenced by our surroundings.

We set out with a simple aim…to build the best accommodation in regional Victoria…and the result is Drift House.

We think Drift House is a special place to stay. It does not represent 5 star opulence nor doily wrapped Victoriana. It is unique, individual and entirely bespoke. Striking external architecture combines with sumptuous and sensual interiors to create a feeling best described as sexy luxury.

To some people Drift House is a boutique Hotel, to others a B&B and some a retreat. The label doesn’t really matter. Put simply it is a place to stay, relax, celebrate, unwind, love, laugh, drift and help you find your luxury.